ID Data Wipe 1.2 (Portable)

ID Data Wipe 1.2 (Portable)

ID Data Wipe 1.2 Portable | 1 mb

Data Wipe is a handy utility meant to safely erase files from your PC.
It represents a Windows shell-extension and you can use it to
permanently remove data, preventing it from being restored or accessed
to by a third party

ID Data Wipe Main Features:

* Wipes data you want to permanently delete
* Frees space by removing traces of deleted files
* Permanently erased all deleted files
* Cleans you Recycle Bin
* Prevents deleted files from being recuperated
* Very simple and convenient graphic interface
* Very small and fast

Detailed features:

* ID Data Wipe is a high quality shredder program enabling you to
completely erase files from your disk, without the possibility of
recovery .
* ID Data Wipe has a wide range of features to choose
from. You can have your files wipe-deleted, you can free-up space while
deleting or even cleaning the Recycle Bin.
* Offers the
“delete-wipe” option, letting you delete and wipe files and folders
using a pop-up context menu in an Explorer Window.
* Provides the
possibility of gaining additional space on your disk by permanently
removing deleted files. ID Data Wipe allows you to wipe traces of old
deleted files, cleaning your disk of junk files.
* Cleans
automatically the Windows Swap files, when running the ‘Wipe free disk
space’ command. ID Data Wipe will delete unnecessary old files that
only take space on your computer and preventing it from running
* ID Data Wipe thoroughly cleans your Recycle Bin. It
completely wipes its content, removing all traces of deleted old files.
* Prevents deleted files from being restored by detecting any activity
of the Windows ME ‘System Restore’ application. It disables it at your
request avoiding restoration of deleted files and folders.
* ID
Data Wipe gives you the opportunity to check the folders’ content
before deciding upon deletion. It allows you to access them to better
decide if you wish the permanent wipe.
* ID Data Wipe is a simple,
easy-to-run application, with a friendly graphic interface and requires
minimum space on your disk to operate.

System Requirements:
Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista


ID Data Wipe 1.2 (Portable) Fast Download

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